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Take your start-up to the top

In Wayra we look for talented entrepreneurs to change the future of digital businesses.

What kind of companies do we look for?

We accelerate companies or projects in their early stages of development, preferably with differentiated technology or disruptive innovations.

Your products must be scalable, have growth potential and a strong global component to become revenue generating in a short period of time.

Your team is the key

For us, the team is one of the most important things we look when evaluating projects and is one of the essential pillars for a startup to be successful.

For this reason, we look for entrepreneurs committed to their ideas and projects. We encourage them to challenge us and be proactive. We look for entrepreneurs who are not afraid to learn and change. Because during acceleration, your business can change rapidly and you must decide on the best course of options and take action.

We believe that each team needs to optimise their experience with Wayra. We encourage all founding teams to immerse themsleves in learning, in building communities with other entrepreneurs, and by spending time with mentors and Wayra staff.

We will offer you a unique opportunity. To take advantage of it, the very best thing you can do is work incredibly hard!

A final advice

Ask other fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and get in touch with the Wayra staff. It is the best way to get an idea of what can we offer to your startup. You can also check out the projects we accelerate reviewing our portfolio. It will help us a lot in the process if you explain how you differentiate your company from other startups we invested in.

– Wayra, in short

We are Telefónica’s startup accelerator. We help the best entrepreneurs grow and build successful businesses.

Our acceleration programme will give you funding up to $50,000, an incredible place to work, mentors, business partners, access to a global network of talent and the opportunity to reach millions of Telefónica customers.


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