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Gear Translations – Buildding Comercial Team

GearTranslations gets settled in Spain, with new team members in the digital and B2B commercial areas. The new assets are Tatiana García, with experience in online positioning and sales, and Alison Lopez and Sabino Diaz, Account Executives with over 5 years’ sales experience and contacts within all major Spanish Corporations.

 As GT launches the online campaign in UK and Germany, they are closing the selection of two intra-community business developers to close key partnerships in said countries starting mid-August.

Another ongoing recruiting process is the selection of a local Ruby developer to support the Argentine development team in going forward with the development of GT’s online translation platform.

 With a 200% increase in sales closed and a 150% rise in online leads, GearTranslations goes beyond mid-2015 with great perspectives as regards their penetration into the largest translation market: Europe.


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